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All Tia Zara jewellery is manufactured using the highest quality materials and we take strict measures to ensure the quality of every piece we produce. As such, all Tia Zara rings with a retail price of $5000 AUD or above come with a lifetime warranty; all Tia Zara gold rings come with a 3 year warranty; and all Tia Zara sterling silver rings come with a 12 month warranty. Warranty can only be claimed following inspection of the jewellery by one of our independent jewellers and it has been found to be defective due to the manufacturing process. If it is determined that the Tia Zara jewellery is damaged due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair it, or if we deem appropriate, replace it at no cost to you. Replacement or repair will be at the discretion of Tia Zara management. If that particular item is no longer in production or available, Tia Zara may, in its discretion, replace it with a like-kind or allow for a store credit of equal value to the original item price paid. If it is deemed that the damage is not due to the manufacturing process then we will notify you and let you know if a repair service is available. Charges will apply whereby the repair is outside of the Warranty specifications. If there has been a repair under the original contractual warranty term, only the remaining term of the contractual warranty will apply to the repaired jewellery. Please note that each Tia Zara jewellery is unique and individual in nature due to the natural characteristics of the precious and semi-precious stones and the craftsmanship that goes into making each piece. As such, slight irregularities and variations can occur and these are considered as part of the character and charm of the item and should not be considered as defects. Please note that the Warranty will not cover changes in appearance or colour, gradual deterioration, damage and breakage due to wear and tear or improper storage or use of the jewellery. The Warranty will also not cover loss of the jewellery or loss of precious and semi-precious stones from the jewellery. Please see the Care section on how to best preserve your Tia Zara piece. How to claim warranty on your Tia Zara jewellery: Proof of purchase in the form of a receipt (outlining date of sale and amount paid) is required. Please contact us via email at with the proof of purchase and picture of the piece for which warranty is being claimed.