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At Tia Zara, we believe that jewellery is an expression of self. It helps us communicate who we are, how we are feeling and what we aspire to be.

We also understand that life is about moments; and the jewellery we wear becomes part of our individual story. That pendant you wore when you met that special someone, the ring that symbolises the love of your life, or those earrings you bought yourself when you achieved that breakthrough moment. These are all events that make you, well, you.

With this in mind, every Tia Zara piece is designed for timeless elegance and handcrafted with the highest quality materials. This means each Tia Zara piece can be cherished forever and passed down from generation to generation - knowing it is linked to your personal moments of triumph; and that one day it will be used to tell your treasured stories.

Our Values

We have built Tia Zara on five core values:

  1. Be bold
  2. Be unique
  3. Be real
  4. Be human
  5. Do good

These values lie at the heart of everything we do and guide every decision we make.

I. Be bold

Tia Zara sets out to challenge the status quo by offering premium jewellery without the inflated prices. We constantly innovate so that we bring the finest designer products direct to customers.

We do this by:

  • Collaborating with up and coming designers.
  • Ensuring that only the highest quality stones are sourced.
  • Using premium materials and natural stones only.
  • Cutting out middlemen and bringing jewellery direct to customers.
  • Reducing overheads, such as minimal shop fronts and optimising inventory held.

II. Be unique

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” - Coco Chanel.

Every piece of jewellery we create is unique because the gemstones we hand-select are one of a kind.

Every Tia Zara piece starts from sifting through thousands of precious and semi-precious gemstones until that perfect stone is identified. Flawless to the naked eye and brilliant in colour, the shape of this stone will then influence the design of the Tia Zara piece.

Each piece of jewellery is also handcrafted with exquisite attention to detail. By focusing on quality and exclusivity, we strive to create jewellery that our customers want to keep as heirlooms and pass on to their children and grandchildren.

III. Be real

“We might temporarily impress people by being fake, but we can permanently impact people by being real.” -

And we take this to heart. Tia Zara jewellery is created only with 18K solid gold or sterling silver. We do not use any sort of gold or silver plating. We believe that a lesser standard not only takes away from the richness and beauty of the colour, but the piece also loses its lustre over time.

Tia Zara also only uses all natural precious stones – such as Diamond and Sapphire - and semi-precious stones – such as Amethyst and Aquamarine. We do not compromise and settle for synthetics such as Cubic Zirconia. When you combine this with the timeless jewellery designs that Tia Zara creates, it not only ensures that the jewellery piece looks splendid but is also an asset worth holding on to.

IV. Be human

Being human to us means treating each other with kindness, respect and compassion. At Tia Zara, being human is at the heart of everything that we do.

Our customer guarantee, “The Tia Zara Guarantee”, is designed to make it infinitely easy for customers to purchase, receive support and make returns. As such we offer:

  • Free worldwide shipping.
  • Easy returns with money back guarantee.
  • Lifetime warranty on every ring with a retail price of $5000 AUD or above.
  • Australian based customer service and support.

V. Do good

“To those much is given, much is expected.” - John F. Kennedy.

Tia Zara is passionate about helping underprivileged children and impoverished communities. As such, nothing gives us more satisfaction than supporting Kathleen Keegel Children’s Fund, an organisation established in 2008 to care for orphans and underprivileged children of Sri Lanka.

This initiative allows us to not only support children that are in desperate need of care; but also enables us to give back to the Sri Lankan community, which is the source of our rare and exquisite gemstones.

If you would like to learn more about this initiative, please email us at

Our Origin

Tia Zara was established by two women, Jas and Donna, with a common mission: to offer exquisitely designed quality jewellery that would one day be passed down from generation to generation; and along the journey touch as many lives as possible through motivation, inspiration and financial support.

Jas Jean

Founder Jas

Jas comes from a family of jewellers with a rich history and experience in working with gemstones. Her father is a master gemmologist who started off cutting and polishing gemstones over 50 years ago. He eventually started his own gem cutting factory and found success conducting business all over the world, including Australia, India, China, Japan and America. Having grown up around the family gem business, Jas developed a strong interest in gemstones and jewellery since early childhood. However, this interest was momentarily put on hold as Jas achieved excellent grades in university and went on to have a successful corporate career within the banking and finance industry and top tier management consulting firms.

Everything was going great until she realised that she needed to start something that combined her biggest passions: helping others; being a positive and inspiring influence; and jewellery design. Being a strong independent woman and achieving success for herself, she believes that thinking positively and being a kind and generous person are key to social and economic progress.

Through Tia Zara, she could weave in elements of personal empowerment and positivity into the design of each piece of jewellery, as well as support those in need through the success of the company.

Outside of work, Jas is a mother to two beautiful and energetic boys. She is free spirited, loves to travel the world and enjoy everything life has to offer.

Donna Dong

Founder Donna

Donna has always had an interest in business. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs who had business interests in hospitality, food manufacturing and Jade trading. Yet, as fate would have it, she ends up in brand marketing. She is a brilliant brand strategist specialised in marketing international brands to China. She helps international brands establish a presence in China, and brings in more than $60 million CNY of additional revenue annually for these brands.

However, her wild success in this field does not satisfy her. She wanted to build a brand from scratch. Due to her family history, she has had contact with jewellery and has always wanted to make Jade mainstream outside of China. Through Tia Zara, she believes she can showcase the best aspects of Jade via jewellery pieces designed specifically for customers in other parts of the world.

Donna is also a firm believer that women should try to become the best versions of themselves. As such, Tia Zara aims to create designs that focus on making a woman feel comfortable and confident. The designs allow customers to express themselves in the most natural and comfortable way.

She is a mother to an adorable and inquisitive daughter. She has an outgoing personality. In her leisure, she loves to research and collect different types, styles and designs of jewellery.