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At Tia Zara we take strict measures to ensure the quality of every piece we produce. However, general wear and tear can affect well-loved and frequently worn pieces of jewellery. By taking some basic precautions, the extent and impact of the wear and tear can be reduced. Below are some guidelines to follow that will ensure the longevity and continued brilliance of your Tia Zara piece for years to come.

  1. Examine your jewellery regularly, paying careful attention to joins and prongs that hold the stones in place. Getting caught on other material or knocking against hard surfaces are the most common reasons for gemstones to become loose.
  2. Avoid wearing your jewellery during activities that may cause scratching, bending or damage.
  3. Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals. For sterling silver pieces, also avoid exposure to chlorine and products containing sulphur.
  4. Store your jewellery in the original Tia Zara box, or an equivalent protective box between wears.
  5. Ensure jewellery is kept separate and not stacked together because gemstones can rub against each other and cause scratches.
  6. Bring your jewellery for a professional clean once a year; or as required depending on frequency of wear.
  7. Keep your jewellery sparkling between professional cleans by wiping it down with a clean, soft cloth.